The Glimmering

Session 2 - The Great Warren

The party sucessfully talked their way into the front door of the great troll warrens. Within they found a smokey, dirty, smelly lair with Troglodytes and Trolls at the entrance, and a pair of bags that were squirming about.

Sneaking back, the rogues spot a pile of skulls… (more later when I have time)

Further into the Troll warren, they come upon a intersection. To the south, skeletal remains of trolls stand at attention, to the north, a stone door that reads (in giant) “Beware, Gloomfang!”

Encounter 1: The Trollmaw – 3000xp (600 each) – No treasure Encounter 2: Mound of Skulls – 3700xp (740 each) – Two topaz gemstones woth 400gp each Encounter 3: Dragon’s Den – 3000xp (600 each)- +3 Mordant Bastard Sword, 2200gp, eight gems worth 100gp each, and two bracelets worth 500gp each Total for day: 9700xp (1940xp each)

Session 1 - Into the Trollhaunt

Hired by the Baron of Therund to make a delivery to the village of Moonstair, the party comes upon a group of trolls who have slain a rider and his horse. The blue skinned troll makes an escape, but not before dropping a note:

Brave and honorable Baron Perenon,

I truely regret that I must sendyou a multidude of terrible news. MayI state in advance my sympathies, and tell you that I, too, am aggreieved by the dreadful events that seem to never stop in these times.

Firstly, I must inform you that your son, Etheran, fell in battle against the trolls. He fought bravely to protect the people of Moonstair, making several expeditions into the Trollhaunt and slaying many of the beasts, but he was defeated before he could find the troll king. A troll warrior delivered to our town a token proving your son is dead, and declaring the intentions of Skalmad and his “kingdom”, which he calls Vardar.

Regretable, your ancestral sword was lost as well. We believe it to now be a trophy of the troll king.

The trolls seem to be even more set on destroying our town, and we believe they will attack quite soon. I am greateful for your help so far, but times are desperate, and I humbly reqest troops to defend us. The eladrins of Celduilon have pledged to send aid as soon as they can, but they need time. Even i fyou send help immediately, I fear our town will be destroyed before any help arrives.

May the gods favor us and this letter reach you in time. I hope this is not the last you hear from the people of Moonstair.

Kalana Dhoram, Mayor of Moonstair

The party continued on to moonstair, meeting with the mayor and deciding that they should head out and tryto find out more aboutt he trolls. The defenses of the village are in terrible shape, and there seems to be no real leadership for them. Bax, the only surviving member of Etheran’s group is drinking himself to oblivion, disillusioned with his own abilities. While the party attempted to get him to snap out of it, it was no use. Cham, the innkeeper and perpetual chatterbox proves to be a great resource for useless information thus far. He seems well connected however, and nice enough, except when speaking.

The group headed out into the Trollhaunt, with an excellent tracker in Thorn, they find their way to a grove of trees that seem to be arcing electrical energy. After much battle, is is discovered that someone has intentionally placed arcane runes to cause this to happen, perhaps as some sort of defensive measure.

The following day they reach the warrens, rumored to be the lair of this troll king. The party, after cursory inspection of the entry, decided to knock on the front door and talk their way in. The trolls, not being the most intelligent of beings, let them in and asked that they wait in the entry while a troglodyte went back to fetch Skalmad. The room contains three trolls and two troglodytes, as well as a river and a trio of passages leading from it. The troglodyte took the center passage.

Thorn left the group at this point to explore the area for more possible electrical traps.

Encounter Log
  • Encounter 1 – 5 trolls, 1 oni mage (whom escaped) 3000xp (600xp each)
  • Minor Quest – The Fate of Etheran – 500xp (100xp each)
  • Minor Quest – Special Delivery – 500xp, 500gp (100xp each, 100gp each)
  • Encounter “Metalvein Grove” – 1 stormrage shambler, 2 shambling mounds, lightning jet trap, magnetic briar hazard – 2650xp (560xp each)

  • Total XP from session 1: 1360xp
  • Total GP from session 1: 100gp
  • Magic items from sessions 1: none

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