The Glimmering

Session 2 - The Great Warren

The party sucessfully talked their way into the front door of the great troll warrens. Within they found a smokey, dirty, smelly lair with Troglodytes and Trolls at the entrance, and a pair of bags that were squirming about.

Sneaking back, the rogues spot a pile of skulls… (more later when I have time)

Further into the Troll warren, they come upon a intersection. To the south, skeletal remains of trolls stand at attention, to the north, a stone door that reads (in giant) “Beware, Gloomfang!”

Encounter 1: The Trollmaw – 3000xp (600 each) – No treasure Encounter 2: Mound of Skulls – 3700xp (740 each) – Two topaz gemstones woth 400gp each Encounter 3: Dragon’s Den – 3000xp (600 each)- +3 Mordant Bastard Sword, 2200gp, eight gems worth 100gp each, and two bracelets worth 500gp each Total for day: 9700xp (1940xp each)


4,800 gp total, value of gems included (960gp each)

Session 2 - The Great Warren

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